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Recently I was telling a friend that I find myself repeatedly visiting a particular decision. I wondered out aloud: Why do I keep returning to this crossroad?

My friend, a fellow coach, asked me: Where do you want to go?

Talking with fellow coaches is always interesting, because of their way with questions and my responses to them.

“I want to go home,” I replied. (Huh? Where did that come from? )

“Home” turned out to be a way of being, where I am at peace with myself, my environment, my companions at work and at home. When I’m “home” it doesn’t matter what I’m doing — just that I’m at peace with it.

As we talked about my finding my way “home” I felt a familiar constriction in my throat — an indication that this was resonating with me. I had uncovered an important piece of information.

400px-Wooden_signpost_at_the_crossroadsI realized that the physical restlessness I was feeling was a signal. In this case, a signal that I was at a crossroad. I also realized that I knew how my body would feel once I arrived “home” because I had been there before and remembered the physical sensations of that way of being.

The body is a remarkable source of information. It’s like a compass. And as I continue to practice paying attention to all that it tells me, I appreciate how well it serves me when I actually pause to use the information!