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Affecting Change

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Recently, I was invited to speak about how equitable business practices contribute towards a just and peaceful world. As I considered what to say, I realized that three “simple” statements launched my journey and led me to where I am today.Read More »Affecting Change


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Boundaries allow us to focus on what matters most. Every time I see this image, I wonder about how each one of us establishes our boundaries.


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The body is a remarkable source of information. It’s like a compass that can show you the way home–if you let it.

Sprouting Hope

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Looking at my garden and the sprouts in the ground I remember that I’m only part of the story. I remember that nature is resilient, that potential needs little encouragement to blossom, and that my garden grows in spite of me!

Lessons from Carrots

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I have come to love gardening because of the unexpected lessons I learn from it. Of course, there is also the extra satisfaction of a harvest when I manage to get there.

If I only had the confidence…

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Do you lack confidence? How did you come to this conclusion? And what if gaining confidence was a matter of re-interpreting the situation from a different perspective?