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Lessons from Carrots

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I planted some carrot seeds earlier this season, and I checked every day for sprouts. After what seemed like a very long time, I concluded that this batch was lost. Perhaps I had forgotten to water or maybe I didn’t plant them properly in the first place.

Just as I was planting a second batch, I noticed some sprouts.

carrotsI thought they were weeds and was about to pull them. But I decided to wait a couple of days because I thought I saw tiny, fringy carrot leaves. Well, they turned out to be carrots!

The lessons?

My concept of time is not always reliable. I thought I had planted the seeds several weeks ago. Looking at my gardening notebook, I realized it had been only two weeks. And the seeds sprouted within 10 – 14 days as the packet said it would. How often do I “give up” too quickly, I wonder?

Sometimes, I don’t recognize what I see. I almost pulled out my carrot sprouts, because I didn’t know what they looked like. I wondered how often I dismiss something, e.g., an opportunity, because I don’t recognize it as such.

I have come to love gardening because of the unexpected lessons I learn from it. Of course, there is also the satisfaction of a great harvest!