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Sprouting Hope

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My garden amazes me and not necessarily because I’m a successful gardener.

This weekend I saw tiny sprouts poking through the earth. I planted the seeds late this year, forgot to pre-soak them as I had been advised to do, and watered them only once since planting them. And yet, in spite of all the neglect and oversight, there they were — tiny sprouts!

These little things remind me that nature is resilient, that potential needs little encouragement to blossom, that my garden grows in spite of me! I’m a small part of a much bigger system. However, small actions on my part can start the chain reaction for wonderful things to happen.

Like Upohar, my flegdling company that employs resettled refugee women from various countries.

Looking at my garden and the sprouts in the ground and remembering that I’m only part of the story, I scheduled a meeting with my team members next week. I want to offer them an active business-building role in this venture. I hope that with a little encouragement and support, they will become active partners in making Upohar blossom.

723px-LupinussucculentusbabyHowever, just like in the garden, after I plant the seeds my role is limited. I don’t really have any “control” over the outcome even though I might want to think I do.

And this is both humbling and liberating.